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Chinese English Translation provided by Yuyi Translation Service is from China's economic and commercial center of Pudong, Shanghai.

With the tailored translation between Chinese English, we aim to meet your business, personal, social and learning needs, and you will find language is no longer a barrier between you and your international customers.
  General Documents
   general letter, planning book, letter of
   intention, resume, training materials,
   invitation letters, briefings, bulletins,
   marketing materials, etc.
  Industry And Engineering
   Product Explanation, Catalog, Bidding
   Documents, Occupational Standard,
   User Manual, Installation Handbook,
   Dissertations, etc.
  Law And Regulations
   Contracts, Managerial Regulations,
   Legal Regulations, Administration
   Regulations, Materials of Notarization,
   Government Documents,Agreements,
   Certificates, etc.                        
Yuyi translators are chosen not only for their linguistic skills, but also for their technical expertise. Our translators include bilingual attorneys, engineers, bankers as well as scholars and members from the diplomatic community.
  Traveling and exhibition service
  Language training and coaching
  Commercial talks and meetings
  Overseas education and working
  Website building and localization

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